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GT Limited wagon questions


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I am in the market for a new car. For a long time I had planned on getting an WRX STi but I just recently learned it has no trunk pass through. This is a huge deal to me because I am a surf fisherman and am constantly carrying 9' and 10' surf rods around with me in the summer. So then I thought why not get the GT wagon but I am confused about some things.


1) Can I get one with a stick?


2) How much can i increase the power of the engine without chipping it or otherwise doing something that will must likely end up voiding my warrenty?


Thanks for any help on these ???'s



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The 2007 GT sedan models, which will begin arriving at dealerships next month, have a trunk pass-through. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard on the MY07 GT Limited sedan. A 6-speed manual transmission is standard on the MY07 GT spec.B sedan.


Here are some documents from Subaru that might help you decide whether a 2007 Legacy GT is the right car for you.


2007 Legacy GT spec.B Announcement

2007 Legacy GT Limited and spec.B "At-A-Glance"

2007 Legacy GT Limited and spec.B Standard Equipment

2007 Legacy GT Limited and spec.B Specifications


As for power-adders, you could certainly install a Subaru-approved intake (see https://www.subarugenuineparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=1075) and/or replace the mufflers without jeopardizing your powertrain warranty. Subaru tends to view most modifications beyond that as powertrain re-engineering. BTW, "chipping" isn't done, per se, in Subaruland. Instead, the Read-Only Memmory (ROM), containing calibrations for spark advance, fuel enrichment, peak boost, etc. used by the Engine Control Module, is re-flashed via the standard OBD-II connector. Very slick.

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Thanks for the info. I am wondering how dramatically the intake and exhaust mods will increase the proformance.


I have to say that the 07 spec B looks pretty sweet. Can someone explain exactly what that knob does? Also are Subarus sold with Sirius radios?


Thanks, I am getting pumped about this!


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Intake will do nothing for you power wise. An up-pipe and down-pipe will net you some power but nothing dramatic. Most of the power gain comes from re-mapping the ECU.


Check here for all your '07 LGT question.



BTW, '05 & '06 sedan both have a trunk pass-through. The '07 has the 60/40 fold-down back seats like the wagon. I don't think you need the fold-down seats for your rods but you should take them to the test drive and check.

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