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98 Legacy GT, stalling, loss of power

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This is a post for a friend of mine who does not have readily available internet access. She has a 98 Legacy GT 5 speed. Over the last couple months as she is driving, all the lights on the dash come on and the car begins to stall out. Sometimes it stalls completely, other times it will lose all power and just lug along, even when she downshifts, the car will barely go past 20mph.


She took it to her local dealer and they said they did not see anything wrong since it is an intermittent problem, happening maybe 3 times a week in random situations.


I just thought I'd post here to see if anyone out there has ever experienced this kind of problem before or had any ideas about what could be causing this problem.



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Sounds like it's going into "limp" mode. It's when something is up with your car and instead of just shutting down it allows you to drive it some where, or at least get it off the road.


It happened to me a couple of times. The first time It happened was when I started her up in the morning. The engine would rev a little high on a cold start, just like it always does but this time the RPM's would go down, way down. And it seemed that no matter how much gas I gave it it wouldn't rev up. I tried driving the car to the dealer but didn't go past the first block because I couldn't get it to accelerate past 20 mph. I was going to have it towed but for the hell of it I tried again after like 15min and it started up OK. :icon_conf

I drove it to the dealer and told them what happened. They took a look at it and told me that it had something to do with the "Idle sensor" or something. Don't know if that's what's happening to your friends car but I hope this helps in some way or the other.


- Manny S.

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my car does the same thing. does go beyond 20 mph at random times. my car is automatic though

i was told many things by a dealership and a different mechanic AND a transmission place. mabye its the same problem...it sucks alot :( i hope your friends car gets fixed

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