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Someone Help Me in a BIND

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I ordered a greddy TT and its in all Jap. My install place cant read it nor put it in now.. what do i do?? and my boost gauge is to big they said they wont put it in cuz it will block alot on the dash...
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just order a blitz TT harness that plugs inline under the dash and connect it to that... It will take you no more than 20 minutes, its the same one that the WRX or STI uses.


Renick Motorsports, Mach V, Gruppe S they all sell it...



tHe HoV

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Okay, so that wasn't such a kind comment. But I can't tell you how many times I've read or heard, "Help! I bought <insert part here> from <ebay/mega-discount pricewhores.com/the fleamarket>, and now I'm having trouble installing it!" This can usually be avoided by buying parts from people that are familiar with the parts. Even if you don't get complete instructions, a decent retailer should be comfortable enough with the product to guide you through it, or point you to some resources to help.


That's what we do.



Mach V


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What you need to do is this:


Does that clear things up?


What does the United Nations members standards of living documentation have to do with anything????



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