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holy crap! FOUR spottings in ONE day!


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8am - Red sedan on the beltway innerloop around 270

6pm - White wagon/sedan (behind me, couldnt tell) - Outerloop right around the va/md border

7:30pm - Red sedan on Linton Hall rd heading towards rt.29


and all this evening thier has been ANOTHER regal blue sedan parked at a house around the corner from my house!



I hardly ever see one legacy, let alone four... so needless to say i'm a bit surprised.

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I spotted 3 yesterday myself! (all sedans)


1st was a black LGT with Maryland tags on 123 heading to 495 (she had a nasty dent on the bumper :( )

2nd was silver (or blue) LGT on 66 heading West.

I saw a 3rd, but I can't remember where or what it was.

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0 a day. I only see them in the dealers parking lot for sale.


Same thing here in Sonoma County. I see one Legacy GT a day, mine :icon_bigg


Someone down the block from me just got a White Outback 2.5i last week.


I have gotten several positive comments out of the blue from people in gas stations wanting to know what it is. Apparently, it is the first one they've seen. Feedback is always the same, they love the lines and the Garnet RED color (which apparently will now be a collectors item).


When I settled on the Legacy GT it was partly because I hated stopping at a light an being surrounded by Accord EX's that looked exactly like mine.


Be well.




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I spotted an ABP LGT wagon on 32 yesterday somewhere around the 198 exit. Didn't get to wave because traffic was pretty nasty - I was nearly stopped and he was behind me in the other lane. By the time I noticed him, he'd passed me and was up ahead somewhere.
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