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How about a links list of all the places that members have bought products from. It seems like new sites are popping up daily, and its hard to get a good idea of all your options before purchasing. This will allow the members to comparitive shop relatively easily. Possibly even by category (emblems, body kits, suspension, etc.)


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:rolleyes: I think he means more of like a "review" section. A section that compares prices and performance of the parts.




for now we really have nothing that will answer your questions. The Site admin (Tide) is working on a technical site that will list MODS and there walkthroughs, and possibly HP gains and reviews.


some of the vendors on this site are very helpful and will be willing to help you get the best set up for your GT at a resonsible price.


You can PM me if have price questions.


here is the link to the site TIDE is building



Need forum help? Private Message legGTLT
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