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Baer Tracker Tie Rod Ends


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After lowering my Leggie with swift springs I noticed that my car had become a little unstable when going over certain bumps. I assumed lowering the car had caused the tie rods arc to change in relation to the control arms. My solution was to purchase a set of Baer Tracker tie rod ends. Baer does not make a kit for a Legacy, but they do make one for the Impreza WRX. I figured it shoud be the same. Keep in mind that the part was designed for an Impreza, not a Legacy, so use it at your own risk. Baer will probably not be liable should the part fail. I haven't had any problems though. You must get it professionally aligned by an alignment shop that has the proper tools and knoweledge to test and correct for bump steer. They retail for about $180.
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