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Does Anyone w/ "Dealer Portal" Access to STIS Have Info on Service Campaign WWX-08?

Jon in CT

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Problem, Model, and Model years: Certain 2004MY Legacy and Outbacks w/ 2.5l NA engine and CA PZEV Spec emissions system. Under certain unique driving patterns, such as slight “on-off” throttle applications repeated in a short period of time after high load (e.g., uphill) driving, the temperature in the vehicles’ catalytic converter can rise beyond its designed limits. If left uncorrected, this condition may eventually damage the catalytic converters. The WWX-08 Service Program will involve reprogramming the ECM with new software that will improve management of temperatures within the catalytic converters. (Note: This campaign does not require the replacement of catalytic converters unless diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0420 is found during the reprogramming process. If catalytic converter damage has occurred as a result of this condition, the “CHECK ENGINE” light will illuminate to alert the driver of a malfunction. DTC P0420 indicates that catalytic converter damage has occurred and replacement is necessary.)

The majority of affected vehicles will be located in states that sell California emission specification vehicles. This includes the States of California, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York and their border states.




Fix: Dealers are requested to perform this campaign on affected vehicles that may be in for service prior to the owner notification.



Does this help?

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