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No more LGT wagons at dealers?

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So I emailed three of my local dealers for quotes on a 2006 lgt limited wagon. I had used the configuration page on the subaru site, and asked that quotes be sent to me for that vehicle. Within two hours, I've received the two following odd resoponses-what gives?:


"I have some bad news for you. They no longer make the 2006 2.5 GT Legacy Limited Wagon. Have you looked into the 2.5 XT Limited Outback Wagon? If you like the Legacy GT you'll love the XT Outback. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and, what other cars you would like. I'll be more than happy to send you a quote on a different car."




"Thanks for your inquiry; I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!


The Legacy you're interested for whatever reason is not being made in

2006(you can get a turbo ltd sedan, just not the wagon) or at least there

has not been one shipped to any dealer in New England that I'm aware of.


Would you consider a Outback XT ltd wagon? If so, would you like a 5speed

manual or an automatic?


Is a Legacy GT ltd sedan out of the question?


Please let me know and I'll see what I can do...

Thanks again,"

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So a quick update...I checked over 20 websites of dealerships within about 100 miles, and not a single one has a GT wagon. Lots of SEs and such...but this is crazy! I can find about one each at dealers which are not in New England. Is subaru of new england having some issues?
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I was just at my dealership this morning and I saw a couple LGT wagons on the lot. I doubt they are 05 models this far into 06. Sometimes when you are looking for the car you want you end up having to get it brought in for you. My last car had to be plucked off a lot in California. It's the price you pay for having good taste. :D


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I'm sure it's the switchover to the 07s. There's been an 06 Legacy GT wagon on our local dealer's lot for months, it seems. They just don't sell down here, which makes no sense to me. The Outbacks sell well, but it's not really like the extra clearance is needed for many folks who buy them (I'm an exception to that rule, mind you!).
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