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Crucial DP order

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Hey guys,

Need some advice. I ordered a Crucial DP and received it last Saturday. Unfortunately they sent me the pip with the o2 bung, I ordered the one without. I haven't h ad any response back from Crucial Racing, I am sure he must be out of town or not working, as their customer service is great. Anyway, should I just keep the pipe and lock tite the plug in the bung, or is it worth it to wait and send back the pipe for the correct one.

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I'd actually keep the "free gift!" :)


Sure, it doesn't cost much to have that bung placed as a "purchase option" you placed the order, but it's still an added-cost option - :D - and what's more, if you were to try to get it placed by an outside shop, it can cost considerably more than what Crucial charges as its "purchase option."


Plug it up with a bolt, and savor the day you get your vehicle tuned, when that bung will facilitate the placement of a wideband O2 for your tuner. ;)

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