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any recomended dealers in ny/ct area?


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im looking to buy a legacy or maybe an outback and im in need of a decent dealer... i wet to one to test drive and the dealer actually told me i knew more about the cars then he did and was trying to convince me i wanted a auto, prob since he had an abundance of them and only a few manulas... any way i did searched but didnt find any threads on dealers so if anyone knows a good one let me know... ill travel if its worth it... thanks
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Where are you located exactly? There are tons of delaerships, and some people have had good and bad experiences with all of them.


A lot of people had lots of good to say about Metric in Long Island, and a lot of bad things to say about Bill Kolb upstate.


I bought at Port in Roslyn, NY and it was a good experience. Also dealt with Universal in Woodside, NY and it was a positive experience as well, even though they do not stock LGT's. I have heard that Star Subaru in Bayside is also good.





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You don't sound like you're in the NYC area but rather near Westchester or Putnam?


Anyways, if you're in the NYC area (Bayside, Queens specifically), I got my Spec.B from Star Subaru on Northern Blvd and the Clearview Expressway. Awesome dealer. Awesome price. No BS. Gary Zias was my sales rep. They know lots about Scoobies but don't pretend to know more then they do. I came in there with 6 months of research in my cranium and they knew it right away. They never tried anything shady, never tried to talk me into anything at all, gave me a great price right off the bat. That's not what I was expecting. My buying experience was fantastic.


Check out their current inventory here: http://www.starsubaru.net


Call Gary if you need something they don't have.




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Check out Secor Subaru in New London CT. Talk to Brian Itchter. Out of all of the cars I've purchased, he made it one of the most pleasurable experiences. It was the little stuff. He let me take the car by myself, which I've always wished dealers would do. Prior to delivery, it was the same thing, "Take the car make sure everything is alright". A nice guy.....best price too.
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Go to North Coast Subaru in Glen Cove, N.Y. Speak to Bill and tell him Anton sent you. Garuanteed best price, best service. They have their own rally team. These guys will always go the extra mile to make sur you are satisfied.
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itsjOs, how are you?

I am Gary from Star Subaru ( Bayside, NY) where Sublo got his Legacy.

Give me a call if you need help with anything. 718-819-0100 if i am not at the dealership ask for Doug he is the other manager.


amg996 North Coast is the oldest Subaru dealership in NY. Nice people.

The owner is a very nice lady. We are ( Star Subaru) a volume dealership, they are less volume = higher price.

Good luck.


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