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Missing buttons next to windshield defroster button?


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In my 05 LGT MT there is place for 3 buttons below the side mirror adjustment knob. There is only one - windshield defroster on the left. Does anyone know P/N (if they exists) for some buttons to fill other two spots? I think that Outback VDC has a button there. I looked under the covers and there are wired sockets behind them. I'd like to have an OEM looking button to turn on/off my Blinder as well as rear fog light when I import it from Europe.


Oh, ok, I found an old thread about this:




Still wondering, if anyone knows if Outback VDC has a button there and if it can be separately ordered.


Oh, more search revealed this:




Alas, no P/N for the button set. And only VDC button, the fold button of course doesn't cross the pond.

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Do you know if the us model is prewired for a rear foglight?


No idea, probably not. I'll wire it if necessary.

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It just occured to me....

I wonder if a very subdued LED light could be added to the parkinglight switch on top of the steering column and have that used for a rear fog switch?


Probably most people see the top of the column easily, but I always seem to wind up with the wheel at the very topmost of its travel arc. Guess I drove Jeeps n such too many yrs.

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Just a hunch but I don’t think the switch is actually an analog 12v on/of switch...most of the buttons in are cars work through a computer via resistance changes for each command. So you would probably have to engineer a relay to use the button?
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