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Whats next?


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if you haven't upgraded your tires, upgrade'em

then get front sway bar also. Never seen JDM 20mm but I'd stay with Cusco sways.


After that you can get Spec B dampers or get a set of coilovers

Perrin BIG maf intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet


Megan Racing header with UP (ceramic coated)


DMH E-cutout

Custom 3" catback


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I've got two sets of re92s both with about 25% left on them. I just waiting for them to die out before I upgrade to some better all seasons. So a cusco front sway bar. Is anybody running one of these with a JDM rear? What exactly do dampers do?


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Sell the 2 sets of re92s & use the $ towards a real set;)

Once you get new rubber go with a Cusco front sway. After that start looking @ braking....new lines.....pads & fluid:)

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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