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Impreza 5MT vs. Legacy 5MT


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I've done some searching but didn't find anything to satisfy my question.


In '02 I bought a 2.5RS with a 5 MT. Of all the manuals I've driven over the years this one had the worst feel. It was notchy and seemed to require slower shifting than I was used to. I also had clutch judder which was pretty severe. I ended up trading it for an '04 WRX wagon with an automatic. Overall I've been fairly satisifed with the WRX except leaving a stop with the AC on.


I'm looking at ordering an '07 Legacy GT sedan (the sedan is now an option because of the fold down back seats) and giving the WRX to my wife. I've test driven an '06 wagon with an automatic but was wondering if anyone had driven an older Impreza 5MT who could compare it with a current Legacy 5MT. I'd like to drive one but it looked like the local dealer's alotment of '06s is very limited and I'm not sure they have one with a 5MT. Is the Legacy tranny better shifting and overall a better feeling MT than what I've driven? Is clutch judder a thing of the past? From my searching it does sound like they've resolved the judder problem.





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Go to Subaru.com and use their inventory search to find a 5-spd in your area and test drive it. Your preception might be different from others so it's the best way to answer your question. Or wait until July when the '07 shows up on the dealer lots to test drive one. AFAIK there are no changes to the transmission but you never know if Subaru did some minor tweaking between '06 and '07. Of course you can always go for the 6-spd in the new Spec B... :)
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