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Test drove an LGT Ltd Wagon - initial thoughts

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If I buy one, this will be the one. '05 ABP with black interior. Very nice and quick, although it is an auto.



- It's a quick little number. Coming from an MR2 Turbo, it's definitely up my alley. I did feel a little boost lag, moreso than the FXT Ltd I test drove, but that may have just been in my head.

- The interior layout is very nice. I love the black (or close to black) color scheme with the aluminum accents. My MR2 had a black interior, so this feels right at home. It also seems pretty intuitive to get at all the controls, and the dash looks cool.

- The cargo space is a bonus. I've always like station wagons (my parents have owned three), and this fits right in, with a kick.

- The color is beautiful. I wasn't sure at first, but I really like the ABP in person.



- The cockpit feels claustrophobic, the passenger seat especially. Not a lot of shoulder/hip room. My wife and I are both slim and not so tall, but we both agreed that front room wasn't exactly generous. It's definitely less than both her Infiniti I35 and the MR2 Turbo from which I am moving on. How do you bigger guys handle it?

- The c-pillar is obtrusive, especially when we were strapping our 8-month old into her rear-facing carseat. I figure it must be for stability and due to the side curtain airbag, but it is in the way.

- How do you clean perforated leather if/when the kiddies spill something on it?? My uber-practical wife thought of this the second we got in the car. :icon_tong

- No dealer installed options. All I get are the regular and all-weather floormats.


I think the price is pretty good, though, and unlikely to come down much. What do you think of $25.9k for that car? It has about 170 miles on it. Thoughts?

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For 05 price is STEEP. Last month, I about my wagon (05 non-limited MT ABP with TWELVE miles on odo) for 22k (before sales tax). I saw another 05 wagon MT LIMITED OBP go for 23.5k.
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I'm 6'5" and have plenty of room in my ABP Outback XT Limited (same interior as Legacy GT Ltd. wagon), though my leather is taupe so perhaps it "feels" bigger?! The seat is tight in a comfy/sporty sort of way, but bolstered fairly well for driving the 5-speed MT, which I definitely recommend. I don't feel any turbo lag at all, but did feel more of a hesitation when I drove the automatic.


I got a good leather cleaner since my 8- and 5-year-old kids ride in the back, but (knock on wood) so far haven't had any spills. Perhaps that cleaner coupled with a handy vac is what you need, too?

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thanks for the thoughts. has anyone had experience with the mazda6 wagon? it is the other car i'm considering.


a little less hp, fwd, specs show interior room is about the same. haven't had a chance to test drive it yet, but from what i've read, the interior quality is not as good, either. it can be had for less, though. leaning towards the lgt ltd wagon, but need to test drive the mazda6 (hopefully today) to be sure.

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The price is actually not bad. These cars are becoming more noticed on the streets and the dealers are doing a better job holding the cards. If you ask the average person on this site they will always think your getting a bad deal at that kind of price. They feel the dealers should work for free and the sales people should eat moldy bread and beg for money on the street corner. The way I see it Subaru's are a great value. Brand, Dealer, and the product. You get a good package when you walk in the door at most dealerships. I like to pay people who like to work for you.

Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was looking that the Mazda6 as well (non wagon)


Drove it and like it...drove the leggy and loved it. My mind no comparision on every level IMHO


I am 6'3" and am comfortable...wish the seat had extendable bottom cushion for more lower leg support but oh well.

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Too much for an 05. I was quoted 26.5k for a new red 06 LGT Wagon here locally. The probably with the 05s, is there are no incentives available, whereas the 06s can get $1500-2000, which lessens the price gap between 05s and 06s. For this reason, I recommend finding an 06 and using the rebate + special financing.
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well, just drove the mazda6 grand sport wagon today.



- more storage than the LGT. definitely nice.

- steering wheel audio controls.

- feels more spacious than the LGT (but that could just be in my head).

- costs less and better epa rated fuel economy

- handling is pretty sharp. can't fault mazda for that.



- interior felt super cheap, from quality of materials to presentation/layout. dash looked like cheap, hard plastic. door panels looked like they were stolen from an econo car. back seat upholstery was a little uneven. just not well made.

- seats too wide. felt more snug in the LGT.

- relatively weak V6. felt a little anemic.


LGT Ltd definitely ahead of the Mazda.

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