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Painting bumper, need an opinion

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So I scratched my rear bumper...

Pics here:



Went to two bumper places to get estimates, around 300-325 depending on where I looked.


The one place (bumper medic) was super awesome in explaining everything, took me back to show me the paints, both PPG and BASF paints. Took me in the back to show what they are currently working on etc..etc... I had a small scratch in the front that the guy just stopped what he was doing and started using some rubbing compound to try to get out...anyways..really impressed.


So this guy at bumper medic says that they can do a blend (fix up the spot only), but he said that Pearl Paints are really hard to match, and there might be a mis match with the way things look on the bumper. Therefore, he recommended that they paint the whole bumper. And they'll do it for only $100 more. So I think I am going to just get the whole damn thing repainted.


So here is where I need the opinions:

1. Is he full of shit, and should I save the $100.

2. Is he really not full of shit, and will the $100 be well spent.

3. Should I paint the grey part of the rear bumper to match the rest of the paint (I have been thinking about this for awhile, and they'll only charge me $50 bucks more to do it)


It should be noted that they will not be removing the bumper to do this, is that wise?


Thanks for any advice you can give!

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He is probably right on. I got a quote to repair a very small problem on my rear bumper once. The difference between the blend and the whole bumper being repainted was about a hundred bucks. The difference between repairing the existing bumper with a brand new one versus a used one was about a hundred bucks too.


I would get the whole bumper repainted if the difference is that low. You'll be happier with it if you do that.


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I like the contrast between the body color and the cutouts. I guess if that area was painted body color it would look more like the G35's. In white that might look good too.
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Well I always come back to this pic....its posted in the SWP photos section:




And to me..that just looks dead sexy. It is the JDM bumper, so its a little shorter..but I think that piece (what is grey on ours) is very similar looking.

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