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looking for my twin... black on taupe obxt lmt


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sup fellow outback owners -


i have been hunting around my area in New England and have yet to see my "twin." Does anyone here own 05 obxt black on taupe leather lmt 5mt? not really looking for any information, just curious if there are any more. lol :iam:

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I finaly saw what appears to be one of two other red OBXT's here yesterday in my town. (Triplets?)


I was coming around a bend and there it was - almost thought I was headed for a giant mirror until I saw who was driving it.


By the way, that is the only time I have seen a red OBXT in motion other than the dealer driving m car into the garage... oooohhhh.. sexy :D


definetly have never seen a red obxt. see the olive green, champange, and 2tone blue all the time

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