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Help, swirling in my new paint

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Wondering if you can help me out. I just got some paintwork done from a body shop here due to a windstorm that took large chunks out of every leading edge in my car. I went to pick the car up and noticed an insane level of swirling in the paint on the hood and the roof and a general level of dullness to the paint.


It's OBP and I'm new to dark colors which seem to show every little scratch and scuff, but I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for how to remove the swirling and protect the paint given that I can't polish or wax the car until the paint has fully cured in a few months. Is sealant an option?


In addition, right now, I'm ready to raise a stink about the quality of the paint job, but I honestly don't know how to judge given that I've always grabbed my orbital, or put in some elbow grease and put the best shine on before judging the quality of paint in my car.


Any advice you guys could give would be greatly appreciated.

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That doesn't sound like something you should have to worry about. Take it back to the shop that did the work and ask them what the deal is. If they hazed up your paint while doing the repair then getting it fixed is their job. For you to get it done you would need a polisher and the right compounds. Your orbital is good for applying waxes, but it will not generate the speed needed to break down polishing compounds. You are looking at probably a $150-$200 investment to get a dual action polisher and polishes to fix it on your own with, or you can pay a detailer to do it for you. It isn't something you should even touch until you have taken it back to the shop though. They caused it and they should fix it.


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