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Another Exhaust Leak Thread

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I installed the Cobb catted DP and the coated HKS up pipe Friday. Started the car and tested for leaks upon revving. Passed the initial no load test so then took it out for a drive. Didn't hear anything until boost. I can hear intermittently "pshht pshht pshht" continuously as the boost builds. There's a leak in the exhaust somewhere that only leaks when a certain amount of pressure builds up. Initially I found that the manifold to the block on the passenger side was not tightened all the way and had blown out the copper form a gasket material so I took the entire passenger manifold piece off and reapplied the copper gasket material very thoroughly on all the gaskets. Tightened everything up to spec and let it sit overnight. Took it for a drive the following day and still have a slight leak under boost. I checked all the bolts to the turbo on both sides and they seem to be fine. There's also no areas where the gasket material was sprayed out. Could it be O2 connections or EGT? Waiting to install AP once this is figured out. Also got the ERR_55 which I'm not worried about since it's just the ABS sensor. That's a fix for later. I've searched a lot and nobody seems to have the same type of leak or sound that I have. Thanks for any help provided.


NOTES: Leak in exhaust only upon boost. Reapplied copper gasket material to all gaskets and still leaks. Any ideas of culprit?

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