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pads for PC 7424

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I'm about to order a PC 7424 and am a bit overwhelmed by what pads to use. OCD, I've read through most of your website, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed.


What do I need for some mild swirl removal (probably with Meguiars #83, but I have some Meguiars #2 fine cut cleaner laying around I might try first--I believe it is one step more mild), pre-wax cleaner (Wolfgang), and sealant (Wolfgang)?


Is something like Sonus' pad kit appropriate? overkill? Any other recommendations for backing plate/pad combinations? I'd rather not spend more than I need to, but I also want to do it right.


Thanks in advance. Sorry for the newby questions.



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i love the orange cutting pads for swirl removal, if i'm not mistaken they are the "best color" for the job?


i am actually getting back into detialing others ppls cars so i need to brush up on technique and restock my supplies, i'd like an answer to this too.

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Hey guys... hope you don't mind me joining in the conversation.


First, be careful not to equate a pad's color with its function. Foam pad material comes in many different grades, type and color. Be sure to read the mfg information for a pad before you purchase and use.


Next, with a dual-action polisher, like the Porter Cable 7424, bigger is not always better. A smaller pad can transmit power (energy) to you car's finish more effectively for better polishing. That's why you'll see 4" pads used for removing scratches and other defects.


I'm available as a finish care resource. Don't hesitate to call on me.


~ David

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Howdy, David! What brings you over here? Decided to give up the German cars and use your powers for good? :lol: j/k


David is a sharp cookie when it comes to this stuff. I learned a lot about detailing from and through him. Welcome to the site, David!




“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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