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visiting GA


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Hey all,

I will be visiting GA in July and was wondering if there is a place that we could rent a subaru for the week that we will be there.



Ben (2014 Outback SAP w/ eyesite, 2014 Tribeca Limited, 2006 LGT limited sedan)

Subaru Ambassador PNW


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True enough, if you've got the money you can also rent Ferrarri or Maseratti... but I think he wants a non-exotic. Subaru falls under ..mmm ... now I can't think of who their partnered with.


Anyway, Boulder Creek's only 2,400 miles away or so. A thermos of coffee and 36 hrs later you're here, right?

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Hertz at the Atlanta airport used to rent them. You can find their number on hertz.com and give them a call to check. Although they don't have a specific class that they may be listed under, you can usually ask for a specific car and they will take care of you.
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