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battle of the wagons

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yah. Sorry to say. Smoked.

Forced induction is a substitute for cubic inches, somewhat...

But cubic inches AND forced induction is hard to beat....



BUT, that being said, I would take a nicely tuned LGT, or a tuned, lowered and tightened up (handling wise) OB XT over a magnum as a car, if I needed a wagon.


I'd only choose a Charger if the SRT version came with a stick, 600lb diet, and a nicer interior. The weight loss is highly unlikely.


The subarus are just nicer looking inside and out... and 1/8th less weight than the tank of a car that the new RWD chrysler/dodges are.


Kicker.... no manual trans available at all on the chrysler/dodges. Deal killer for me.

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A Wagon is all I will own for a daily driver for myself:)


Came from a S4 avant with a few mods;)


As far as your question goes, Cant say what the outcome would be with a supercharged Magnum.

I have ran a SRT8 Magnum on several occasions...bottom line


Time wise I win every time, trap speed is always won by the SRT8. It is actually a very close race 1/4 mile is about a half car win for me.


I have about every performance option you can get for the VF40.


As far as fast wagon's go....the BEAST is the E55 wagon



1/4 mile..12.5@114


Once Jon is done with the car next month I will be showing even that mighty wagon the tailights;)


Still holding out hope BMW will actually release the M5 wagon to the U.S.........if so.... I will be getting a year old baby in 09:)

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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I'm actually wondering and waiting to see if Japan will realease their Evo VIII wagon to the US.


I've always wanted a wagon waaaaay before I got one.


But nothing American pleases me in quality. Only in speed.

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MSRP....the one I was looking @ was already sold!


It is a pretty big wagon......damn is it nice, suede headliner:)


The sales mngr informed me that MBUSA is not even listing them as a avail vehicle for the US due to the extremely low #'s.


If you want one.......go to a dealer. It can be ordered;)

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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AMG wagon... a reason to buy lotto tickets. ;) 92k plus TX motor vehicle sales tax brings it within $200 of what I paid for my first HOUSE, and I wouldn't want a Mercedes as my only vehicle. My oldest friend is a Mercedes tech and while they're high luxe and some models are high performance, I wouldn't have one without a service policy.
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