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Tuner in Tucson


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Can anyone recommend a good tuner shop with Subaru experience in Tucson (and if not Tucson, then Phoenix)? I admit I don't do much hand's-on, beneath-the-car stuff, but will add a few mods over time, including skid plates (I've got an OBXT), Cobb AP stage 1, and rear sway bar.


Thanks much! :)

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DynoComp in Scottsdale is who I recommend. they tuned mine and did great! Its right off the 101, so its not tooooo far of a drive. Sorry, I dont know any in Tucson.


Mynes Performance is also a good shop. My friend works there, and others epeak very highly of them. Ive never been down there, or had any work done, so I cant personaly vouch, but Ive heard all positive. they tune the majority of EVOs in AZ. like 70-80% of the ones that actually get tuned or some high percentage.

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