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For those interested in seeing an avic-z1 in the cubby, well, here it is, It is not an oem flush fit, and can't be (without some extensive modifications), due to it's larger size. Installation was very straightforward and I just spliced into the existing wires.




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just wondeirng, hwo did u get the subaru logo in it??


I am tryin to do that to mine, but i am not sure how to do it.


mine is a kenwood ddx-7015


I'm not sure about the Kenwood's. On the Z-1's there is a setup option to import .jpg's t o use as background wallpaper. Sinced the unit has an internal hard drive and runs a flavor of Microsoft's mobile OS, it's fairly easy to import the files.

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You see how it's tilted upwards towards the passenger's side?


It just seems that way due to lighting and the angle the picture was taken at. It actually tilts very slighty towards the driver (and up at a 10-15 degree angle), as it should, other than that, it sits in the cubby fairly straight, and square.

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