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New JDM Legacys

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i dont think this has been posted over here.. :iam:



Intelligent Legacy



Touring Wagon 2.0GT spec.B



Touring Wagon 2.0GT



Touring Wagon 3.0R spec.B



Touring Wagon 3.0R



B4 2.0GT spec.B



B4 2.0GT



B4 3.0R spec.B



B4 3.0R

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they look AMAZING









3.0R spec.B / 2.0GT spec.B



Off-black interior



3.0R interior (ivory)





2.0GT & 2.0GT spec.B (MT) = 280ps@6400 / 343Nm@2400

(AT) = 260ps@6000 / 343Nm@2000


3.0R & 3.0R spec.B = 250ps@6600 / 304Nm@4200


2.0R (MT) = 190ps@7100 / 196Nm@4400

2.0R (AT) = 180ps@6800 / 196Nm@4400


2.0i = 140ps@5600 / 186Nm@4400


Both spec.B's get same 6spd ratios.


Subaru Japan expects sales of 5,000/month for the Legacy line.

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I like the taillights. I wonder if they could be installed in a 06 along with the rear bumper? Also won't mind swapping the Black HVAC/Audio unit. Better than the one comng here in 07, MP3+Aux+MD=Nice!
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I am going to venture a guess by looking at the pics....


Upper white part is split for reverse lights inboard and amber flashing turn indicators outboard.


Red section looks like a single bulb. dim for tail, bright for brake, in a cropped round reflector.


Dual red rear fogs (possibly one driver's side fog, passenger side dummy lens, but that would be stupid unless there is a stupid law.) optional that fit lower in the rear bumper. Otherwise the bumper is plugged by black trim pieces.

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If they do this one right, I just might have to trade Winky in.


That would be a great compromise between me and the wifey, finally! :D

<-- I love Winky, my "periwinkle" (ABP) LGT! - Allen / Usual Suspect "DumboRAT" / One of the Three Stooges

'16 Outback, '16 WRX, 7th Subaru Family

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I really like the 3.0 front bumper most of all. I am not a big fan of the bottom part of the spec. B and GT's bumper flanging out. I am also confused at the inclusion of a light on the bumper. To me that just looks like one more expense when I mess something up, or someone messes me up. I also don't really like the way it looks down there anyways. BUT, other than that...I think the car looks great!
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Love the interior changes, and the exterior is nice too, although not a fan of the reflectors on the rear bumper. the B4 2.0 T Spec B looks really nice too on the outside, although the previous spec b wheels looked much better imo. Also the guages on our cars look better too. but other then that Subaru is deffinetly going in a better direction with the legacy I think. Deffinetly more classy and sporty looking.
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I like the look of the rear bumper/lights, but +1 on the added expense of repairs. I already have a big scuff where I was hit on the rear bumper. Probably would have broken that light/reflector.
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I like them.....got to get rid of the mazda under tones though.


I was thinking they project a more european a la bmw styling with the headlights and front fender creases.

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