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2007 Spec. B Colors

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It will come in any color the customer wants....


...as long as it's Diamond Gray Metallic.



I trust Opie with his inside info... but is this just stirring the pot since the colors haven't been confirmed for the US yet?


Or is this vetted info, and the truth?



If the former... ha ha very funny.


If the latter, then Subaru really has canned the possibility of selling me a Spec B this year. Say buh-bye to that additional margin, SOA. If there were another car on the market that was technically as on-point as the Legacy, with power, AWD, and a manual trans, Subaru would probably be losing my

sale. Over lack of choice in paint color.


I like Newport Blue Pearl. I like Garnet Red, and Obsidian Black, as well, I think NBP was a good move. If they can't offer the color on a Spec B. They won't be selling me a spec b.


I think Newport Blue Pearl and blue ultrasuede seat inserts over black leather would go VERY well together, too.


if they put a taupe interior ONLY in the NBP Legacy GT Limited... I am going to be REALLY PISSED OFF. If Subaru wants ~$30k of my earning power, they had better offer the combination I want.

I don't buy new cars without the color combo I want. I can buy used if I want limited choices. The whole point of NEW cars is getting exactly what you want (within the appropriate bounds of what is available)


Color choice is the very easiest thing to offer. the interior parts and the paint colors are already there. All that needs to happen is a decision be made to combine them as customers want. It is BS to restrict it in the first place, in 99% of cases.


Your sale to lose, SOA.

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The Subaru Drive Performance mag I just got in the mail has a writeup on the Spec B.......color is Diamond Gray Metallic as Opie says, and interior is Dusk Blue Alcantara with Charcoal Black trim. I'm just pissed that the Spec B will have a split folding rear seat, VDC, memory adjustable seats, MP3 capability, satellite radio, and an aux in jack.....not to mention the fun gagetry of SI-Drive. All things I wished my '06 had. Damn, if the Spec sells for invoice once it's been out awhile, it might be awful tempting to try a trade in.



Oh yeah, and don't forget the 6 speed. If that thing ends up with a taller gear than the current 5th (read better freeway mpg), it'll just push me that much harder to a trade-in.

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Then SOA is as stupid as I was afraid they were.


How do you sell a model trim line with one color, and a premium price?


Good Luck, because ya lost me, Spec B.


I want the 6MT, memory seats, Bilsteins, and 18" wheels, too... but dark gray (as hard to take care of as black, but not as cool looking...) with blue seats is a no-go. I certainly am not going to pay MORE for it.


I wish everyone who buys an 07 Spec B good luck with their cars, but SOA is colossally short sighted if they think they are doing the right thing here.


I should be EXACTLY who they are marketing this car to. SPORT SEDAN ENTHUSIASTS. MEEEE. It is as if they were winning the marathon, then they quit 10 feet before the finish line and lose.


I guess I am left to hope they will have black interiors in the Newport Blue LGT Limited cars... but it replaces Atlantic Blue, which had taupe this last year...


FRAKKKING BEAN COUNTERS! Cutting off their nose to spite their face.

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