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STI Trunk Spoiler in Carbon Fiber And Brake Light .... Finally Intall Pics


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hey guys:


thankx to Tommy and Jeremy we got some install pics on this wing...

















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Looks really good... is that the standard LED strip that fits in the JDM version of that lip spoiler?


(IIRC, Japan has red ones, and Aus has clear->red lightup versions of that LED trip...)


And I would take that opportunity to disconnect the inside CHMSL...

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It looks sharp, but is it me, or does it look like the lights are not centered lined up against the brake light in the back window .. weird. It could be just the angle of the picture.


It's the angle, if you look closely you notice the outside brakelights appear to be different sizes too.


I would disable the interior third brake light though for a cleaner look.

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Looks awesome, will have to get rid of the rear brake light inside the car first though. Looks like there's too much lightening.


Just kinda of hestitant about drilling holes on my trunk though. It means no turning back, unless you can get another spoiler that covers those holes. Plugs would definitely not look nice on the trunk lid.

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