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audi streets of tomorrow


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has anyone other than me gone to the audi event in chester pa? i went today at 8:00am it was awesome they have racecar drivers take you around a short little autoX course in a RS/4 that is one amazing car!! its like a mazda rev it up event if anyone is familiar with those. i took some videos of the RS/4 i apologize for the quality they are from my cell phone.





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i don't know why, but i find the s4 and rs4's incredibly attractive. all i ever hear of is problems with reliabilty though so i'm still skeptical of if i would ever own one. i was thinking of going to look for an early 2000 bi turbo s4 while car shopping this winter, but i have a thing for subaru. i'm sure many of you can relate.

how was the ride? they sound pretty damn mean!

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^ +1 to all of brother k2blt's sentiments.


I'd really love to try-out an "S" Audi - pumped up on some more aftermarket goodies - at some point in my life.


It's just that for now, I don't think I can afford it if anything went seriously wrong...and I keep hearing from *everyone*, including their beloved owners, that reliability can be a serious problem after such upgrades.


One of these days, though, one of them will be in my stables - I just love the way they look and sound. :)

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