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New 08 Legacy Pics!!


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Copied from NASIOC


Some amateur photos of unmasked (sort of) new Legacy from Japan:


refreshed headlights



Foglights look good~



Combination lamp



Other side



New wheels on GT






New grill (There are 2 styles)



Another grill shot



Brochure (spec.B gets honeycomb mesh grill/bumper/wheels)



JP magazine cover


In addition to SI-DRIVE, it sounds like the engines have been tweaked. Max torque is now at 2000rpm, 400rpm lower than current Legacy GT/B4. The six cylinder's max torque doesnt change, but its stronger at ~3,000rpm. Gas mileage should improve by a bit, ~10%. Overall it seems like Subaru is still intent on being particular on evolving its cars.

'20 Legacy XT Touring

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I really like the spec B. The blue one kind of resembles the new audi RS4
Never thought of it like the RS4, but now that you mention it, I'll have to agree!


BTW guys, these is the JDM refresh. Maybe '07 JDM... So maybe '08 USDM huh?

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It's great to see these pics, but really, a black car is pretty far less than ideal for making out the new lines?


those wheels look ASS! God, what were they thinking? Judging by the prices the 5-spokers are fetching, those 08 GT wheels will probably sell here on LGT.com for about $300 a set with tires. =\

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Guest *Jedimaster*
Looks like the rear windows come tinted. I wish mine came tinted from the factory, that way I'd be legal :(.

+1 I'd like unscratchable tint on my wagon.


I don't like the grille- it looks like it melted or something. I do like the taillights and headlights though- but it's not enough of a change for me to want to put them on my 05.

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Very nice.


It's nice to see that they didn't make drastic changes (since the current model looks pretty good). It's definitely an evolutionary change, which is very appropriate in this segment - it's still clearly a Legacy.


I like the aggressive look of the Spec B. That makes it look much more appealing to me. For the current Spec B, I didn't think there was enough visual distinction from the GT. Now there is. It looks more aggressive, which is what it needed.


Yep, I'm definitely saving for the '08 Spec B. Is it Fall '07 yet? Why won't these months go by faster?!? :icon_lol:


Very nice!

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That spec B wagon, with a 6mt and no NAV, would VERY significantly affect my 2007 car purchase plans - was planning to replace my A4 with the RX-8, or an excellent example of a 2004 330Ci, assuming I could find one.


However that Spce B wagon looks goddamn attractive.

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don't like the grill's "wing" as well...and the plasticy looking fog surrounds are great, the headlights need some contrasting colors...but besides that..the front looks good :D (I guess my front ain't bad :))
In Taiwan now...:spin:
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