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Oil based playdough on a seat belt

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Hi, guys,


Even after being extremely careful about what kids do in the car, they managed to do the first mess.


My daughter came into the car with playdough on her fingers a couple of days ago. It was not one of those washable water based playdoughs which would be easy to clean... :icon_sad: It was the real stuff - the oil based playdough. As soon as she pulled the seat belt, she left green, gray, red, and orange marks on the beige (light brown) seat belt... No need to say it is still there and it looks ugly... :mad:


Any ideas how to get it off????


Thanks for help,


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I can't speak for melayout's "suggestions", but seat belt material is pretty tough and hard to damage. When people manage to get the belt caught in the door catch and get grease on it, I have used carb cleaner to take it off and that did not discolor the material.
It is still ugly.
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