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Atlantic Blue Pearl Bumper Plugs!

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I tried to order a set of bumper plugs to fill the drilled holes where the license plate was, but they will have to custom order the color. I can make a custom order, which will give 3 sets for $99 (so I could order them and then sell the extra 2 sets to 2 other members on here). Or, if we can find 6 people then they will sell them at the regular price of 24.95 / pair.


It sounds like a lot for bumper plugs, but check out the site - they're really nice and I'd like to do something classy to fill those holes if I can:




Anyone with ABP interested, because I don't want to pay 100 bucks for 3 sets all by myself!



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they can be purchased at any local Honda Dealer.... just look for S2000 bumper plugs...


only works if they have a color close to the subaru-- is thier a honda color similar to atlantic blue pearl?

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