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P-FF7's - where do I find the offset?


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I mounted the wheel on the car last night (no tire yet) and they stick out a bit. I'm worried that I might have bought the wrong offset.


On the back of the wheel, I don't see any numbers that match up with what the offset could be.. is there a way to find out?


Here's an image of it on. The car is on the jack, hence the angle is a bit off.


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I think that's about right - at +51 offset.


I've never mounted just the wheel itself to my LGT, but I would imagine that they'd (mine are also 51 offset) look like that, without tires, and without load on the suspension.


Look on the INSIDE of the wheel, the size and offset will be stamped there.



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Is it an 8" wide rim? Usually with an 8" rim +48-ish offset is recommended.. It might stick out a little more with +51 but I'm not sure it will be that big of a problem.


Yep, they're 8" wide. However, a +51mm offset will be 3mm closer to the strut than the exact same wheel with a +48mm offset.



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