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Comparison Test : 2005 Dodge Magnum RT vs. Subaru Legacy GT


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Those articles make no damn sense. On the top right bar, it says the Legacy takes top honor, but then in the article they say "The Oscar goes to the Magnum RT."


WTF?! It's like Road & Track all over again!


This is why I don't EVER read these retarded articles.

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when we hit $4 this summer, all the magnum peeps will be crying. i have a 01 dakota slt 4door with the 4.7 costs me almost as much in gas alone as i paid the IRS this year.


if it had a 5.9 i think i would have sold it years ago, as it is i doubt ill be able to sell it til fall.



this article is also stupid. the AWD magnum drives great, but still... this is almost as stupid as the GTO (aka, monaro VXR) vs STi. i mean, who the F comes up with this? a 6l engine vs a 2.5l? how bout top secret 3.0tt from Fuji's dev team. that vs magnum AWD id be interested in. but only slightly, since im pretty sure to keep pace with a lgt in some solid turns a magnum would need a bone dry tarmac and aftermarket tires... and a rsb as big around as my forearm cause judging the awd i took for a spin the roll would be bad at speed (i only drove city streets).


but once again, the magnum is super heavey, guzzels gas, and (at least where i live) generally singles someone out as an a$$hat who doesnt understand the concept of "drowning in dept".

"i like my women the way i like terrorists...

...screaming gods name and ready to explode."



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