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LGT + Evo MR + Bugeye WRX = My Commute!

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Hey all...Just had to share!!


On my way into work every morning, I take the same route in HB to the 405. Any one of those mornings I'll meet up with a White Evo MR and or a Yellow Wrx on their way to work also.


This morning i just happened to run into both of them...The Wrx guy is cool, we've exchanged thumbs up and smiles here and there on our "sprited" jaunts to work...The Evo MR, I've "played" around with him when i was plain Jane Stg.II.


If any of you OC/SoCal people are familiar with HB streets, As you drive East on Garfield to get to the 405 fwy, just before Brookhurst there is an obstruction in the street, a raised section that goes over the flood control channel:


---> ___/-----------------\_______: If you can imagine a trapezoidal shaped speed bump in the middle of the road with the flat section being about one car length.


So we all get driving down Garfield, just playing around....Wrx guy peels off and goes to the doughnut shop....So it's just me and Evo MR.


Light before the obstruction the Evo MR is behind me and we go....Nice and steady, i'm in third and go (currently my car is boosting only 14psi, different story for another time!) we go, neck and neck, i KNOW the bump is coming up and i slow down a tad....Evo MR Keeps on it....BAM...LAunches his car and fullspeed, clears the BUMP and lands another car length AFTER the bump, bottoms out, little sparkage...and back on it...


The MR was like a freaking PUMA pouncing on a injured Gazelle...it was DAMN SexIE!!. We pulled up to the next light, i rolled down my window and the Evo MR guy was just flushed with adrenaline!! I was like "You F'in LAUNCH your ride and dropped some sparks!!" He was "Shit that was FUN!!, Shit your Wagons FAST!"


Haha...all else i could do was drop my head and give the golf clap...


It's nice meeting total strangers with bad ass cars and that are good people!


SO that's morning commute today!!:icon_bigg

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I think the sparks came from his HUGE HKS exhaust touching down...


Yeah, not a bad commute!! It also helps that I leave around 6am...All the cops are just getting to the doughnut shop then!!


I know it wasn't my car that was launched, but DAMN it was F'in Sick!!

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