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Clay -> Poorboys SSR-2 -> Wolfgang =

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That's the only pic that really shows the shine. Maybe I'll take some more pics tomorrow. My process is pretty basic. Last night I washed the car with Dawn, then clayed it. This morning I washed the car again and using my Porter Cable buffer I used the Poorboys ssr-2 polish on the entire car. I did small sections at a time and buffed off the polish with a microfiber towel. Then I used the Wolfgang sealant and did the whole car. Then buffed off the sealant with another microfiber towel.
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Camera pwned color balance!!!!


Camera tried to adjust to 18% grey, so the image is over exposed. To make the effect more dramatic and further over expose it we get the following:




and to balance the same photo properly we get:






Nice job, btw!

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