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Sunroof wont close...


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So yea..went out today with the sunroof opened and now it wont close. It slides all the way and looks like its about to close when it stops and retracts back to the open position....WTF!


Anybody have this problem? If it rains, im screwed.

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Try this from the service manual.

"Failure turn of glass lid while driving rough road.

Glass lid has auto-reverse function. When applied above specified force to the glass lid, the lid turns back

and stops. When operating the glass lid (open or close) while driving the rough road, the lid judges vibration

as a force and may causes failure turns. When the failure turn is occurred, the initialize operation is required

with following procedure.



1) Tilt up the glass lid.

2) Release the switch once, and press the tilt up switch again for 15 seconds.

3) When the glass lid is raised a little and returned to tilt up position, release the switch for the moment. (Initialization

of position detecting function)

4) Keep pressing the tilt up switch within 5 seconds from releasing the switch, glass lid tilts down → slides

open → slides close operation automatically. (Time gap of more than 5 seconds will result in cancellation of

position detecting function.)

5) Initialize operation is completed.



1) Apply the force to glass lid in the direction of glass lid open while glass lid (rear) is closing, and then reverse

the lid five times in a row.

However, in the following situation, the initialize operation is canceled.

• When the lid is fully closed once during auto-reverse operation five times in a row.

• When the interval of auto-reverse operation is more than 30 seconds once.

2) When the operation of glass lid shift to brink operation*, fully close the lid on switch operation.

3) Initialize operation is completed.

*Brink operation: Although keep pressing the switch, glass lid operates only at a moment when the switch is


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Thanks for the tips, i'll try that manual overide when I leave work.


I just opened it as I went out for lunch and on the way back I couldnt close it. Didnt have too much time to inspect in detail cause of time, but thanks again!

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Alright, took eamiller's advice and this is what I did. Closed it halfway and held onto the tilt up bottom for a few seconds and the roof started to close and it closed completely. Yay! But, once i open it again and try to close using the "sliding" way, it does not close again. :icon_mad: Dropped it off at the dealer and waiting to see what they say tomorrow. What a pain!
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If it manually closes but is otherwise stuck, eg the switch/motor just clicks on activation, then the motor may need pulling for cleaning out, brushes replacement or replace the whole motor with new or low use s/h.

Easy job on a wag, I've never done a sedan yet...

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Ok my sunroof got stuck half way open with the small glass that tilts up was tilted up crooked! I tried forcing it closed and I think it popped off the track, now the sunroof opens and closes but the tilt part dosent move anymore.. Can someone point me in the right direction on how I fix it his problem
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I wish I could give more details on how to fix it, from what I read it sounds like one of the cables that operates the moonroof could be disconnected. Do you notice anything abnormal/broken if you look at the tracks on the sides?
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Not really.. The piece that tilts dosent move at all even when I try pushing it, I get nothing. I really don't wanna take it to the dealer! I know there gunna charge me something outrageous when I know it's a simple fix. I'll post pics of the rails after work
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If you've broken the mech by forcing it, replacement with an item from a self serve wreckers might be the go.


You'll learn how-to by uninstalling the one you're buying and of course use the procedure for the roof lining etc in the fsm :)


Next time don't force it, find the manual crank, use an allen key to turn it ;)

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I fixed it! So I took off the part of the sunroof the tilts (only 4 nuts under some black plastic covers) presed the open button and the left side of the tilt bracket that holds the glass on it moved up. So I noticed one arm moving and not the other. So what happens was it came out of the slot that moves the sunroom. I just pushed it back in to the slot and it snapped back in place! All fixed now. Really easy!
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