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Getting Home Spec B Rims ?


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I should by picking up my 2006 Legacy GT sedan from the dealer next week. I am also going to purchase Spec B rims. Followed closely by a 12 hour trip home. The question is can I put two rims in the trunk and two in the back seat, will they fit? I may also get tires on the rims, if the price is right, will they fit in the trunk and back seats? I am thinking yes but just making sure.
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Here are some options for you... I recently got 18s and tires and I was lugging all 8 pieces seperately for a few days. Layed the 4 tires down on the back seat with two rims sitting on top of them. One sitting in the trunk, and one sitting in the passenger seat.


If they are just the rims...

You can fit two in the back seat and two in the trunk (only if they are the rims by themselves, if they are in boxes, you will have to take them out.)


You can fit all four in the back seat.



With tires mounted...

I would put all four of them in the back seat. Two will not fit in the trunk with tires mounted.

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Agreed. I've had two in the backseat, two in the trunk, 225/40ZR18's on them. You can also get all four in the back seat if you cover them.


My wheels didn't fit in the trunk with tires mounted on them :( . I had the same size too.

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As with brother peterjmc, I, too, recently picked up a set of used rims.


18x8 sized rims, with 225 tires mounted. :)


Two in the trunk, two in the back seat. No problems at all. Actually, the two in the back seat were stacked behind the driver's seat, as the passenger area has my baby-seat base LATCH'ed. :D Just be sure that you bring some kind of padding/blankets to cover the rims - and especially tires! - that will go in your back-seat area. ;)

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