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Mini Cooper

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Heres a pic after i washed my sister's cooper today (washed my legacy yesterday)

This car is not so well maintained either, but only 6000km on it, most of the time it's sittin in the garage. Anyhow, i should say BMW's paint are sexy.


these are the pic BEFORE applying NXT tech wax.

Looks pretty good to me even BEFORE wax.

** notice the tire anyone? =)


When i apply the wax its really really dark outside already 8:30pm or so. So i only did the trunk area and did not take any shots. But i do not see any difference at all.

But anyhow, Gotta do the rest of the car tmr.



So OCD, would i expect any exceptional changed on car shine or what not after waxing tmr?


Also, how long do i have to wait until i buff off the wax? I only waited like 5 min or so.



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Done waxing this cooper today.

Personally i do not find any difference at all after waxing, probably because i am the one who apply it.

But the good thing is, my parents are amazed by NXT. (Oh ya, they like it)

I shall bring this thing outside in sunlight to see if it really make a difference.


As long as it beads water and keep it protected, i am fine at this moment. =)

Saturday its gonna rain again...

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Honestly, the only product I have ever used where I noticed an instant difference in appearance has been Wolfgang Sealant. With everything else I know there is a difference, but when you are staring at the paint through the whole process it is kind of hard to see the change. Its like the saying goes... "too close to the forest to see the trees..." To anybody seeing the before/after pictures there is a noticable difference, but it is hard to remember what it looked like before sometimes.


Also, when dealing with a brand new car you have to realize that clean and unswirled paint is the ultimate goal in detailing. When the car arrives to you without any swirls and the paint is already clean, it sort of makes it hard to really improve much on it. That is why I don't like detailing new cars. On a 15 year old beater it is much easier to 'wow' the customer. You could simply wash it and it already starts to look better. With a brand new car it is much harder to make a noticable difference in appearance. That's why I don't get impressed by these fancy detailers who detail Ferraris and Roll Royces all day. When you are working on a car that has 15,000 miles a year put on it compared to a car that gets driven 9,000 miles in 10 years there is a big difference in how hard detailing it really is. Personally I think it is a joke that some detailers brag about their zillion dollar details on zillion dollar cars. :lol: C'mon... the sucker is never drivin and it spends all it's time in a garage under a car cover. How bad could it have really been? Show me a 15 year old Civic that is oxidized and has road tar all over the paint. Now that is some detailing. :)


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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Thx for your reply OCD, haha i guess i shouldnt start a topic about any other cars on this fourm :lol:

I was suppose to wax my leggy first, but unforturnately the car is full of dust already because someone used it after i washed the car. So i need to postpone the plan.


Any you are right, this car is almost 3 year old, but only 6000km on the gauge. Even tho it had been winter driven, but i believe that it is not even close to damage done to a daily commuter's car. =)


Oh one more thing, my mum brought the cooper for a run today outside, she received a lot of compliment on the sunlight reflection from the paint, one of her friend actually thought that it was not the same cooper they seen before. She is DEFINITELY impressed. I seen the gloss too, it's nice, but i can see i have not completely buff shine some area, and leave buff swirl on the side panel =(


I gotta thank you OCD for your recommendation on how to properly wash a car, and the proper way to wax a car.

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I never saw a difference either unless the car was dirty to begin with. But OC is right, when I used the Wolfgang spritz sealant on an already waxed car I was shocked to actually see a difference. I have truly not seen anything like it and I have been doing my own detailing for 6 years now AND this was just using the spritz, I can only imagine what the deep gloss is like.
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ya. i saw your other post, it must be really interesting. I guess NXT is no match. But for a starter, i think its the best countertop product available in canada.

For wolfgang, i'll wait till i am done with that bottle of NXt =)

By all means. wax the car more often =)

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