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Best dealer in the Bergen County area?


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So I'm in the market for an LGT.

I have a used 2005 model in mind but thought I would check out the 2006's just for the hell of it.

I just got back from Ramsey Subaru and we agreed to start negotiating at around $30,000 (incl TTR). The car had all weather floor mats, arm rest extension and a subwoofer.

Now I'm not paying that price so keep in mind this was a starting price and we're going to go nowhere but down from here.


So to start my price comparison what are some other dealers that people here have had a good experience with?

The next dealer on my list to call is Liberty Subaru in Oradell, NJ.


Is it rare to get an LGT out the door in this area for about $26,000??

Right now I'm still way more inclined to get this used 2005 I've been talking to the owner about.

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don't like ramsey..hard sell tactics


bought four subie from liberty, Jeff was my salesman.


they are always no pressure, sure test the car, and you have to force a pen in his hand to get the contract signed.

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I just bought a subie from Alex at Ramsey Subaru. Good egg, if a little bit of the car stealer about him, was very good about having room to move.. Here's invoice numbers from cars101.com


Legacy GT Limited sedan, manual trans

model code depends on interior color 6AG,

6AH $26,507 +$575 = $27,132

2/06: $27,782 +$625 = $27,407 MSRP: $28,795 +$625 = $29,420 Legacy GT Limited sedan automatic trans

model code depends on interior color 6AI,

6AJ $27,601 +$625 = $28,226

2/06: $27,876 +$625 = $28,501 MSRP: $29,995 +$625 = $30,620 Legacy GT Limited sedan, auto, with navigation

model code depends on interior color 6AK,

6AL $29,425 +$625 = $30,050

2/06: $29,700 +$625 = $30,325 MSRP $31,995 +$625 = $32,62




Remember that there is a $1500 rebate on right now from subaru of america:


$1500 Cash to Customer start: 04/11/2006 end: 05/01/2006 Get Dealer Pricing Restrictions $1500 Customer cash may not be combined with 0% - 4.9% APR. Comments Incentives may vary; see your local dealer for details.




A couple of things about negotiating with them I learned. The $169 document processing fee should be waived if you ask for it. Give them your "out the door" price and have them agree to it.


Also, to put it in perspective I got an '05 GT unlimited with 29K on it from them for 15.5k. Check the ads on Autotrader as they will post clearance prices for things they want to move. They like to think they are a high volume dealership, and they would rather get it out the door than anything else. I know I'm a schmuck for crowing about my deal, but it's my first new-ish car and I'm excited.

(moving up from a 96 Audi, and before that a 93 subie)

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First went to Liberty and got a quote for a 06 GT with no options.

Alex gave me a quote of $27,8XX(Don't remember the exact amount) "Out the Door". This included tax, all fees, and the rebate.


I then went to Ramsey where they matched the offer by offering me an 06 GT for the same price but with the following options:







They also offered me another 06 GT without the spoiler for $150 less. But as someone else mentioned, they do use "hard sell" tactics. They were pressuring me to make a purchase that day saying those quotes were good only for that day.

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go back to liberty with the ramsey offer.



always give the first guy a chance to beat it....the car price that is.

I'm probably going to go to both Liberty and Wayne today.....but it's even more likely that I'm going to buy this used 05 LGT I found.

Regardless, thanks everyone, I appreciate the help. :)

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