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I need a audio guru (in MA)


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I wanna install my Alpine Head unit and my subs. I know its gonna be a PIA with the wiring, so i figured i throw this out before i shell out alot of $$$ to have a shop do it. Does anyone around MA have experience with this? and are you willing to help out a fellow brethren? :lol:


You get the parts (I'll tell you what you need) and come up for an afternoon it won't be a problem. I'm located in Hamilton, MA. You can check my install here. http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14570


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Thanks for the responses guys, i would def appreciate some help with this one.


I already have the following:

The head unit is a CDA-9811 the subs are 2 12" Kicker comp CVR in a sealed box and a kicker kx 600.1 And i already have the AVO Single Din kit. I also have s pair of RCA's might get new ones tho, and 4 gauge power with inline fuse.


I want to put some Dynomat in the trunk i have a "trunk kit" thats ben sitting around for 3 years, but i have a feeling that the trunk kit wont be enough figuring how i love to go overboard with things :icon_tong


Also dooogdog, you installed the Alpine Ipod Interface correct (Alpine KCA-420i Ai-NET Apple iPod Interface)? how does it work?

Will it work with this head unit? it says ai changer control on it but not Ai-Net:iam:





Features: MP3, WMA, & CD-R/W playback • detachable fold-down face • 23 watts RMS x 4 • MaxTune SQ tuner • Bass Engine Plus • Media Xpander • optional AUX input • XM Satellite Radio controls • 3 sets of 4-volt preamp outputs • remote • cd changer control


I would hate to have to get a new headunit to be able to use the ipod interface.


Let me know everything i need to purchase (i need some bump in the trunk):lol:

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