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oil on the transmittion?

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ok, so i took my lgt in for its first oil change. i go to OilStop (the chevron owned place) so i have a record of all maintenance and so i dont have to bother, not allot of freetime.


the attendant aked me before they finished if i had "noticed my car leaking oil". theres no stains in my garage or in front of the house where i park, so i said "no, why?"


apperently the guy in the pit noticed allot of oil on the bottom of the transmittion...


any ideas? i dont want to make another service appointment >_<

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I have/had it too. It likely isn't oil. My engine is squeaky clean, and dry. Now the factory has undercoated the car, and when this excess coating warms up it tends to drip, and winds up on the tranny. Have them touch it, it isn't wet is it? It's actually sticky goo, almost tar/rubber like. Leave it be, it's fine!
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