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New Screen Install


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Well ive finally come up with tall the courage that i can muster, and bought myself an LCD, a DVD player, and a Back Up camera(just for the wow factor).


Yesterday i installed the half din pyle lcd, into the little cuby, and it sure did involve alot of hacking. I had to hack the rear supports in the cubby hole, and then for the next five hours ive been trying to figure out how to keep the cubby door there, so that i could cover my lcd whenever i leave the car. Bascially if you take off the cuby piece, and you remove the cubby, ive hacked off roughlly 85% of the cubby. Leaving only the hing, and the upper part of the cubby. I had an electrican friend of mine hook up everything in the car for bout 20 bux (quiznos, and wires). The lcd works well, but since the fabrication of the cubby hole is not finished if u hit a bumb, the lcd will slide, and if it is in its closed position it will fail to be able to open.


What i bought:(not bought from ebay, but best pics are on ebay)






Pictures of my fabrication will be on here either tonight(thursday) or tomorrow becuase i had to take my car in for service this morning for the 25k mile overhaul in addition to the brakes that are dead in my car.


Best picture i can give you is a camera phone picture.


If you have any questions IM me at spawn11587. Pictures later. Promise.

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yea yea yea...pyle hahahaha pile of shit...lol its actully a treo lol, and i installed it and then had to rush to school for some stupid perforemcnce...its a half din, and i bought for the sole reason of being able to keep the door, ut i filed the door down to notingness, and i still couldnt find a way to keep the door.
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