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Hello everybody!


Before getting my new Legacy, I removed the after market parts from my 2001 Legacy sedan. I have sold everything but the Stromung muffler, and I really don't want to put much effort into getting rid of it.


That said, if you want a stainless steel stromung muffler for the very low price of free & your willing to meet the following requirements, all you need to do is reply to this thread. First person to call dibb's is the winnar.



1) You will be using this muffler on your 00-04 BE (picking it up to sell to a scrap yard is not an option, I could do that.)

2) You are willing to pick up the muffler within a few days of calling dibbs


Want to see a pic? As you can see MY01BE was quite low, so the stromung did scrape more then a couple times. Did I mention its free?




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