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I'm pretty new to the modding scene. As i'm sure many of you Legacy owners have probably found, it seems hard to find aftermarket/performance parts (in my case for a 99 GT). I can easily find parts for Imprezas, newer Legacys, and even for older ones. For some reason, to find parts for a 1999 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 has proven to be a challenge. I would like to know how compatible parts from other years, and models would be for my car. In particular, i would like to know about cat-back exhaust kits, lowering springs/struts, CAI, downpipes, and headers. Also, if anyone knows where i could aquire these parts for my particular year and model, it would be greatly appreciated.
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You did not say what you were interested in doing?? I put on borla headers, stromung exhaust, kybgr2 struts, hawk hps pads, outback sway bar, k&n drop in filter. Check Boxer4Racing for the exhaust stuff.
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