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Stupid question #2158: How does the CleanSweep integrate?


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Let me preface this by saying, the extent of my car audio knowledge is the buttons my fingers work on the factory head unit.

I went through the CleanSweep install threads, and nothing really answered my most basic question. I also searched the JL Audio tech support site looking for an installation/instruction manual for the CS; no joy.

How does the CleanSweep integrate into the factory wiring harness?

In other words, how much cutting and pasting is some guy going to have to do to my very expensive factory wiring harness to get this thing in? I noticed mwiener ran new wires to his new speakers in his install thread. Is that necessary if I am keeping the stock speakers?

I'm very interested in getting my iPod playing in my car, and the CleanSweep with the CL-SES is the best way. The new StealthBox is rather appealing too, but that's a subject for later.

If anyone can clarify to me how the CS connects to the factory wiring harness, I'd be greatly appreciated (and my knowledge would therefore double in the world of mobile audio) :D


Jon-Patrick Tanis



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Basically what happens is the speaker leads from the CD player get re-routed to the CS instead of your stock speakers. From there, the CS processes your tunes into something usable for an outboard amp which you wire up downstream of the CS. Then it's new speaker wires to each door from the amp. That answer your question?


BTW, the Jazzy Aux-in board is the easiest & most cost-effective way to add an Ipod, but the install's very different.

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i dunno about needing harness.. im looking into installing one of these as well. the back of the CS doesnt show anything that would take a harness like the one pictured above
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^ you wire the CS into one end of the harness and the plug it into the harness in the car, that way you dont have to spice the facory harness to get to the speaker wires, etc...


alright.. i havent done it so i trust u. i tried to contact crutchfield and they never even heard of clean sweep. they thought it was a tv show

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If you plan on keeping the stock speakers, that probly means you had no intention on buying an amp.


The stock head unit has an amp built into it that powers the speakers. When you hook up the cleansweep, you lose the power from the stock amp in the stock headunit.



If all you want is to play your ipod, then the CleanSweep may not be the way to go



The CS is not the easiest of audio installs and involves a good amount of wiring

(Updated 8/22/17)

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Really no need for a second harness - nothing wrong with splicing into the existing one & it isn't any tougher. Use Vampire taps, you don't need to cut anything & easy to revert to stock.


But as stated, if you've never done any installing you should probably have a pro do it, you can buy 1000's of hours of experience for a few hundred bucks. It's worth it.

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I found a great site to get the wireing harnesses from:



I just ordered the following:

SCOSCHE SU03RB Reverse SISSU03RB (1) $5.97

Wiring Harness For 1993 &

up Subaru

SCOSCHE SU03B Wiring SISSU03B (1) $4.49

Harness For 1993 & up



I have recieved one and will get the other on the 12th.

Ben (2014 Outback SAP w/ eyesite, 2014 Tribeca Limited, 2006 LGT limited sedan)

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Be aware that the stock wiring harness has 14 wires. Most of the aftermarket harnesses only have 13. The additional wire is for dimming control. Most aftermarket head units don't use factory dimmer control so the harnesses don't have the correct wire. You'll either need to add additional wire to make stock HU dim correctly.


I purchased my forward and reverse harnesses here:




Has all the correct pins, and make hookup easy.

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Thanks for the info!


Basically, if I don't want to use an FM modulator I'm either going to have to hack into my head unit and install the Aux-in board or I'm going to have to go for the full deal and get a CS and an Amp.



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jazzy's aux-in board is easy to install and you will save quite a bit of $$. if you just want to listen to your ipod its the way to go...


I think in the short term, it's probably going to be the way I go.


I'll have to do quite a bit of soul searching to see if high end car audio is something I'm really prepared to invest in. With all of my past cars, the only aim was to add a function (CD player). I never want beyond that and into speakers and other accessories.


Thanks for the info. The CleanSweep is a bigger project and a more focused product then I gave it credit for. :)

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