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why is wrx clutch so different ( better? )


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whenever I drive my wife's rex I find the clutch so much

easier to operate than the leggy's, with the leggy if I let up

my left foot just a wee bit I starts choking on me almost

immediately, with the wrx I can almost dump the clutch and

it won't do anything nasty or bite back..... even my wifey

notices the LGT is a harder ( albeit much funner ) car to

drive ie: much less forgiving + prone to choking... what's

your guys take on the LGT's clutch, am I imaging things

or overreacting? Love everything else about the car :)

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wrx/sti=pull style clutch

LGT=push style clutch

not to mention that the lgt comes with a dualmass flywheel which is nice for comfort and drivability but hinders engine/throttle response.


this is the reason why we cant use wrx or sti clutches

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