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SWortham tears it up through the cones


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I'm not exactly clear on the rules of the Motorsports section. Can I post a video of my car when it's not a Subaru? I guess I'm going to.


I went autocrossing last Sunday. This was my 4th autocross event and this time the weather was beautiful, my tire pressures were set about right, and the course was very interesting. I was overdriving the car at times and found that it understeered a bit too much in the dry. I also found out that even at -1.4 degrees I still don't have enough negative camber set up front for cornering. My brother took a picture of my car going through a corner which demonstrates that point -- I'll try to get ahold of that picture soon.


Anyway, here's my best run...

http://www.gldomain.com/Elantra/Autocross(2006-04-02)_run4.wmv (Right-click, Save Target As...)

Enjoy. :)


I lost because my car is horribly outclassed in SM and of course I need more practice (the Camaro you see & hear in the beginning of the video was my competition).


My car is a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GLS (5-speed). Some of my mods include (but are not limited to):

- KW Variant 3 coilovers

- 16x7" Enkei RS5 wheels

- 205/50-16 Yokohama AVS ES100's

- Tiburon rear sway bar

- Energy Suspension front & rear poly sway bar bushings

- Tiburon front brakes

- RRM front strut bar


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Here's a few shots from that event...







And this is just a cool shot of my brother. Believe it or not this cone did not fall over and he was not penalized.


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He likes it a lot I think. In fact he's doing very well with it. He got 3rd place out of 9 in STS at this event. He was just 6 tenths behind the 1st and 2nd place Civic SI's which seem to always win. And he just has 215/50-17 Yokohama AVS ES100's, Racing Beat F&R sway bars, and a CPE MAFci. I think he could win with some better tires and perhaps a suspension upgrade.
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I have 11" front rotors from an '03 Tiburon. The stock brakes were 10.1". Big brakes are not allowed in STS or FSP, so SM it is.


Autocrossing was an after-thought, btw. I don't expect I'll ever win in this class, lol.

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This weekend was awesome. I went to an autocross school on Saturday where I learned from some of the experienced instructors and got around 12 runs I think. It was a lot of racing and I could have kept going but decided to save my tires, lol.


The tiny low-speed practice course we were driving on played in my car's favor. One of the instructors was timing people around a small loop in the course and I was actually the fastest one in our FWD group of 8 including another instructor in his SVT Focus with R-compounds. Of course that loop isn't technically difficult but it's just a testament to the lateral grip my car is capable of. And I typically get whooped in the straights and in some of the more technically difficult areas the experienced drivers prevail. But all the tips and all the practice I got definitely helped.


Then on Sunday there was another race.


Here's a video of my 4th run on Sunday:

http://www.gldomain.com/elantra/Autocross(2006-05-07)_steve_run4.wmv (right-click, Save Target As...)


You'll probably notice I was slow through the slalom. I was having a problem with my steering locking on me if I tried to go too fast. It's as if the power steering pump can't keep up. I hope I can fix that for the next race.


And some pictures...




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I never thought anyone could have fun in Hyundai. Coilovers...shesh! I admire anyone who dares to be different, and that's YOU! Congrats and good luck this season.


PS - Keepin' it tight to the cones. You da man! Way to go. :icon_tong

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ya, my hubby's base 5 spd vibe beats me (so far) every time in auto-x this year (3 events thus far). of course, i need a lot of practice! i've got a long ways to go to get my times down to what they should be. i'm amazed at how the smaller slow cars do very very well on the tight turns where speed isn't what wins. right now, i'm in SML and only one other person in my class at the moment. but she also kicks my butt and is one of the better drivers out there... i don't expect to beat her anytime soon. lol


looks like you're doing very well and having a lot of fun!

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!!!
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