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Fog Light bulb replacement?


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^ You'd do well to simply graft-on aftermarket driving lights.


While you can get higher-wattage bulbs for the stock fog application (check the "Bulb Applications" thread), the factory optics assembly is optimized for a true "fog" pattern dispersion, and even when re-aimed, will prove far less than optimal for your lighting needs.


Even if you are satisfied with re-aiming of the factory fogs + higher wattage bulbs at this location, you should know that this will still effectively completely flood your foreground, and while you may think you're "seeing better due to brighter lights," you're actually only seeing the areas closest to your front bumper in greater light, and thus are effectively ruining your distance night-vision.


Per your desires, a set of properly designed and aimed aftermarket driving lights will best fit your needs.

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