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0-60mph time for 2.5i?

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I posted this same thread 15 months ago after driving an 05 Outback wagon. It seemed more refined but not appreciably quicker than my 97. I never got a real-world answer. The # for the 95-99 OB wagon automatic was in the high 9's. But Consumer Reports reported 11.8 seconds for an 05 OBW. MSN Autos reported 10.2 for a 2005. Subaru Malta reports 9.6 for a manual. Subaru UK reported 9.4 for the same car. A UK site called Carpages reported 9.4 for manual and 10.5 for an auto.


I found similar variations for the XT and 3.0. 3.0's were reported from as low as 6.6 up to 8.1s 0-60.


They're faster than most SUV's, but that's about it. I bought the H6 because I wanted something quieter and more refined on the highway, and because the 4 spd auto worked hard. Canadian Driver reported the MSRP of the 3.0R as C$3,900 less than the Outback XT. They give the following prices:


Outback 2.5i - $32,995.

Outback 2.5i Ltd - $38,995.

Outback 3.0R - $38,995.

Outback XT - $42,895.

Outback VDC - $44,995.


They test most models but don't give performance data that I could find. Pretty avuncular reviews but useful for snow belt drivers. They tested Legacy sedans as well.




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