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225/50R17 - would it fit onto a 2005 SpecB


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I have a SpecB in Russia, and getting good Winter tyres in 215/45R17

is a bit of a prob.


I bought the 205/50R17 - they are good, but I'd prefer the car ground clearance to be a bit higher.


So question is - would the 225/50R17 fit in?


I did not bother to try, but did anyone ever tried it?

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What is the size of the original tire? 215/45-18? (that is what the US spec B uses...)


The 225/50-17 you mention is VERY close to that. Using a tire calculator, it estimated 7 Revolutions fewer per mile, and the 17" would have roughly 3/10ths of an inch more diameter (.7 inches more circumference.)




I would think that would be an excellent size for winter tires, with a taller more flexible sidewall for snow and ice grip, and better impact protection, and no sacrifice in ride height, and negligible speedometer error.

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I'm currently running 225/45/18s on 18 X 7.5 rims with a +50 offset,

GT Bilstein struts, and Wangan springs. The diameter of my tires is .1" bigger than yours, and I get no rubbing. You should be fine.

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