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Well, I live in KY and they just did away with the Emissions Check around my area.

I was under the car the other day and realized how restrictive the exhaust is on these cars... what would the outcome be if I cleared out the exhaust and ran straight pipes?

besides the obvious check engine light because of the 02's... anyone have experience here? I'd most likely run true duals if there is room under there for some 2 1/2".

what if I just keep the stock exhaust except for removing the cats and putting in straight pipes?

performance gains?

mpg changes?

sound changed... anyone got clips??

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Along with being illegal and loud as hell, you'd gain very little in performance, if anything. Good car to drive, and capable in rain and snow, but you have to spend a lot of money to gain much straight line performance. Do today's kids a favor and leave the cats on.


Buy new speakers and save your money for replacing the head gaskets.....

Who Dares Wins


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i have to agree with VVG, the exhaust on my 97 outback wagon is straight enough, and loud enough with a damn K&N air filter. YOU WILL, HOWEVER replace the head gaskets sooner or later (probably sooner) mine went wen the car overheated.
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